What We Do

Underground – Ground Support Photo

Underground – Ground Support

Shotcreteing, Rockbolting, Wiremeshing, Concrete Form

Underground – Waterstoping _ Wall Face Support

Underground – Waterstoping & Wall Face Support

Pre- Excavation Grouting, Post-Injection (Chemical & Cementitious)

Underground – Ground Consolidation _ Rehabilitation

Underground – Ground Consolidation & Rehabilitation

Chemical and Cementitious Injection

Surface – Slope Stabilization

Surface – Slope Stabilization

Supporting, Reinforcement, Hanging Rock Removal

Protective Coating

Protective Coating

Steel and Concrete Protection (Rust, Corrosion, Sulfate Attack)

Facility Maintenance _ Refurbishment

Facility Maintenance & Refurbishment

Special Flooring, Roofing, Waterproofing

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