Anggun Permai Tekindo (APT) is a mining services and contractor company that is specialized in supplying latest technology to support mining development and production.


We are an authorized supplier for SIKA Mining Solution, Victaulic, MineArc, and Hock Mining. APT specialized in concrete admixtures, shotcrete, grouting and injections that take part of tunneling works, consolidation, ground stabilization, wall-face support, ground water stopping and other mining related activities.


Through skilled and certified contractor work and proper application with SIUJK & SIUJP Licenses, we are able to give the best solutions and technical support for our clients.

Shotcrete Underground

Sprayed concrete combines the many qualities of modern concrete  technology and concrete admixtures chemistries.

  • Sigunit® - Accelerator
  • SikaPump® - Pumping Agent
  • Sika® Viscocrete®
  • SikaFiber® - Micro/Macro
  • SikaTard® - Shotcrete Retarder


Sika® has contributed to concrete’s development as a durable building material since 1910 and provide solutions for every step of the concrete production and construction processes.

  • Sika® ViscoCrete® - Superplasticizer
  • SikaFiber®
  • Sika® ViscoFlow - Slump Retention
  • SikaPump®
  • SikaRapid® - Accelerator
  • SikaFume®
  • Sika® Stabilizer - Viscosity Modifying Agent


The SikaFix® range provides effective and innovative injection solutions, including polyurethane, silicate, cementitious and acrylate materials for all possible injection and ground stabilization problems.

  • SikaFix®; A fast-reactive injection product which expands with or without contact with water, mainly injected using a two-component pump.


Grouts play an important role in transferring vibrations and heavy loads to the foundations. Expanding, non-shrink grouts quickly fill tight voids creating highly effective, highstrength weight-bearing areas. Sika® offers a whole range of grouting solutions including epoxy, cementitious, acrylic and polyurethane materials.

  • Sikadur®
  • SikaGrout®


Sika® offers a range of coating products that either protect structures from abrasive and chemically aggressive fluids, or seal entire containment structures. The products we provide are:

  • Sikalastic®
  • Sikagard®


Sikafloor® provides efficient solutions for working areas that are subject to constant loads and need to be highly impact-resistant. Cementitious, resin and polyurethane systems are available for all types of flooring. The products we provide are:

  • Sikafloor®
  • Sikafloor® Epocem®

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