Established in 1999, MineARC Systems is now the global leader in the manufacture and supply of emergency safe-refuge systems to the underground mining, tunnelling, and chemical processing industries. All MineARC refuge chambers comply with the highest international industry regulations and guidelines. MineARC is the only refuge chamber manufacturer in the world with an ISO: 9001 quality rating.


MineARC is pushing the limits of safety standards by embracing digital transformation through our product development. This transformation is an integral part of not only improving day-to-day operations but as a way to ensure the health and safety of site personnel.

Refuge Chamber

A Refuge Chamber is a safe, robust shelter, designed for use an underground emergency when evacuation is not an option. Refuge chambers must be capable of supporting life for sustained periods of time.

  • 36 hours minimum duration underground
  • Max 750m distance from all personnel
  • Capacity for all personnel, plus visitors and contractors
  • 3 sources of breathable air
  • Air-conditioning, communications, battery backup and air scrubbing

Life Support System

In any sealed environment, the natural by-products of inhabitants (including CO2 & CO) can build up and poison the air. High enough concentrations can cause serious injury, or even death. Air scrubbing is the process of removing contaminant gases from the air to maintain a respirable atmosphere.

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